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SOMA Housing Co-Op

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SOMA Housing Co-Op


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Community Arts Organisation

Danny Nasirpour

Dan Nasiirpour
Downs Syndrome Artist

Ho Ho Chi Heaven

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Spirit Emporium
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Oxford PC Solutions Privacy Policy Statement

Oxford PC Solutions - Community Interest Company and it's directors are committed to upholding the legal requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, which can be found on-line here. Data Protection Act

We also guarantee that if we do collect any personally identifiable information from you, it will be done with your full knowledge and consent.

Further more, we will not sell this data, or share this data with anyone else. It will be used only for the purpose that the data was supplied for.

Update: On the 21st October 2013, SOMA was Registered with the IPS Registrar and the brand spanking new FCA* as a Housing Co-Op. SOMA was a project initiated and developed by Oxford PC Solutions, which has evolved over a number of years and has finally become an independent organisation. Data collected for the Housing Co-Op's purposes will only be used for these purposes.

*FCA Financial Conduct Authority. This new body replaces the FSA or Financial Services Authority as one of the governing bodies for Co-Operatives. The other governing body is the Registrar for Industrial and Provident Societies

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