Services of Oxford PC Solutions Ltd

Personal Support

Providing Personal Support covers a wide range of services which are available for individuals who are disadvantaged in some way.

The support available includes giving advice about stuff like, "entitlement" to State Benefits and claiming Benefits, like Housing Benefit, or support with an application for Personal Independence Payments.

IT Support

We can provide many different types of IT support to individuals and also to community groups.

This ranges from tailored IT Training and Document Production to developing a web presence. We can recover and secure your device after infection by a virus or other malware. We can advise on the best equipment to buy, or in many cases we can even repair a device which no longer works.

Business Services

Our Business consultancy works mainly with community groups and not for profit organisations, providing professional advice on legal issues and business information.

Construction Projects

Oxford PC Solutions Ltd initiates projects which involve our clients in real work placements. To date we have built compost bays, raised beds, gravel paths, ornamental ponds and several polytunnels which recycled waste industrial materials. Use this link to see images of our polytunnels in the Photo Gallery

OPCS is currently advertising for contractual work, promoting our high standard painting and decorating skills. Please use the contacts page if you require this or a similar service.

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