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Spirit Emporium
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Worms are absolutely essential for a healthy and productive garden. They turn and airate the soil as they digest the organic matter in it. In a wormerie the product of all that hard work is collected so that it can be used as fertiliser, very rich in useful minerals and bacteria.

Our wormery is made from half of a water butt and has a lid to keep out the rain. Designed to seperate the clear liquid worm tea from the solid vegetable matter as it breaks down. Our gardener will site your new wormerie for you in a suitable place and will prime it with compostable material and some garden worms. All you have to do is top it up with waste vegetables from your kitchen and every now and then, turn on the tap on the wormerie and collect your worm tea. Store this life giving liquid in a cool dark place and next time you are watering your plants, just add a few drops to your watering can as a supplement to your normal fertiliser.

Standard size is about 50 litres capacity, delivered and primed it costs £50.

To purchase a wormerie please use this link to eMail us

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