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Web Design


In helping you to publish your web site, we ask you to appreciate the importance of Web Accessibility and why we consider it such a primary issue when building web pages. Of course, the design has to reflect our customer's wishes and our talented team of designers can satisfy your wishes totally, with regard to all aspects of the web site that you want. That's the layout, the colour scheme and the content.

Accessibility and SEO - Search Engine Optimisation.

When it comes to promoting your business on the Internet there are however, many things to consider besides layout, colour scheme and content. Probably the most important of these is something which often gets overlooked, Accessibility. From a purely commercial point of view, it simply isn't good enough to have spent money on a web site that looks amazing and is full of exciting content for the potential customers, if the web site cannot be found. In order to see your web site at the top of the first page of the results in a Search engine like Google, the "Spiders" and "Bots" need to be able to find it and catalogue it. Spiders and Bots are bits of software which crawl the Internet, constantly looking for and cataloguing new web sites for the search engines. Unfortunately, they are not able to gather information from any pages that are hiding behind the dynamics provided by scripts and Flash animation.

So, it isn't only your human visitors who will have problems. As you will now appreciate, Accessibility plays a very important part in helping to achieve a good search result and getting people to your content.

Web Site Navigation.

Then, besides your Page Ranking in the search results, your visitors may not be able to navigate your web site when they arrive there. This is typical for web sites that depend on Flash animation or clever Javascripts for Navigation purposes. People often just cannot get beyond that first page, even if their sight is not impaired. It's worse if the visitor is blind and requires a Visual Aid such as a Screen Reader to help them to find what they are looking for. It will be exactly the same result, nothing ! After being found on the web, it's also vitally important that the content on the page is capable of being read by a visitor. But you'd be surprised just how many major company's web sites fail on this one, leaving their visitor frustrated and disgruntled enough to go elsewhere. It should be a fundamental criteria on all web design projects. But it isn't, even though the W3C developed the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) in order to help web designers make the web Navigable and a more user friendly place.

The Business Case.

There are many companies which regularly spend thousands of pounds on web design and yet you wouldn't think so, as they tend to overlook Accessibility, a fundamental aspect of the design. At OPCS it is our primary concern to get Accessibility right, then we know that we can satisfy your every need.

If you require such a service, please give us a call on 01258 818039, alternatively 07833 144296, or use this link to: send an eMail.


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