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SOMA Housing Co-Op


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Spirit Emporium
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Film Production

OK, what do you need ?. A shorty for advertising purposes ? Or is it a wedding video ? Perhaps it's to satisfy your creative juices and you need to use a professional post production editing suite. Different end uses means different products and that's where we can help.

Guiding you to your target audience is part of our experise. Whether your movie is destined to be shown on the web, on TV in a commercial, or you need a bunch of DVD's produced for your customers, we can take care of the Production and Post Production.

Budgeting is very important. Getting the balance right between Production and Post Production costs is essential, as more time spent in Production means less money available for editing, or you will need to find more money than you had originally planned. OPCS can help by draughting a budget, a production plan and even go as far as drawing up your storyboard, if required. OPCS can provide a production team should you require one, or an individual specialist for camera, lighting, sound recording or music, etc.

If you would like to know more about this service, please give us a call or use this link to: send an eMail to Alison Palmer-Smith

If that doesn't work for you then just send an eMail addressed to alisonpalmersmith@tiscali.co.uk


Please enquire for Community, Domestic and Commercial Film Production services.

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