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SOMA Housing Co-Op


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Raised Beds

We build raised beds to order. They are built using building materials which are being recycled, as they would otherwise be considered as waste and be burned. This is good for the environment, particularly by preventing CO2 entering the atmosphere unnecessarily.

The structures are made from scaffolding planks for the walls and are they constructed on your premises. They can be bought in standard sizes or made to your specifications. If you are unsure, they can be designed and built to suit your space.

Soil and compost to fill your new raised beds can be supplied upon request.


Small (2m x 1m x 22cm) £110
Medium (4m x 1m x 22cm) £200
Small Double Depth (2m x 1m 44cm) £220
Medium Double Depth (4m x 1m x 44cm) £270
Compost 50 Litres £0
Top Soil 50 Litres £0
Top Soil 100 Litres £0

small raised bed small raised bed larger raised bed larger and small raised beds

Follow this link to see larger photos of Raised Beds

To purchase Raised Beds please use this link to send us an eMail
If that doesn't work for you then just send an eMail addressed to david@oxfordpcsolutions.co.uk

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