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photo 1 of a small polytunnel


As our contribution to the now fashionable practice of upcycling, we have designed a polytunnel which is built using many reclaimed materials that are otherwise deemed to be commercial waste. The structure is supported on repurposed scaffolding bars which are embedded into concrete to form a very robust base. The structure is able to withstand very strong winds, like those of December 2013 and January 2014. The one metre high steel uprights are clamped to new polyurethane pipe to form the arches or ribs. The polythene sheet is recycled as is timber when available, otherwise we use new timber that has been obtained from sustainable sources, which are monitored by the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council).

Small Polytunnels

The small polytunnel in the photos is 3 metres long by 2 metres wide and 1.9 metres high. (The height can be varied to suit your requirements.) This small polytunnel is 18 months old at the time the photos were taken, having been constructed in 2007. It is very robust and easily withstood the strong gales in the Spring of 2009.

photo of small polytunnel photo of a polytunnel with snow taken at night with full moon photo of the interior of a polytunnel photo of small polytunnel photo of small polytunnel under a heavy fall of snow

More photos of the small polytunnel are available follow the link to see a slide show: SLIDE SHOW

Follow this link to see photos of the construction process

Medium Polytunnels

The photos below show a medium size polytunnel which was recently completed (April 2014) at Shaken Oak Farm situated at Hailey in Oxfordshire. Bruce Young, director of Shaken Oak Products Ltd wanted a polytunnel which was in keeping with the company's very delicious organic produce of specialist mustards and epicurean chutneys. Bruce found our web site and was taken by the concept of building polytunnels from recycled materials and asked us to build one for him. Thankfully, Bruce is delighted with the result and has very generously offered to make it available for viewing by arrangement, should a new client of OPCS wish to see one in use.

photo of medium polytunnel photo of a medium polytunnel photo of a medium polytunnel
Shaken Oak medium sized polytunnel during construction in January 2014.

photo of a medium polytunnel photo of a medium polytunnel photo of a medium polytunnel photo of a medium polytunnel
Completed - Shaken Oak medium sized polytunnel in May 2014.


We are able to build a polytunnel to your own specification as long as it is not larger than our largest 3 meters wide x 12 meters long x 2.5 high wide.

Small (3m L x 2m W x 2m H) maximum measurements £500.00
Medium (6m L x 3m W x 2.5m H) maximum measurements £900.00 to £1,500
Larger (12m L x 3m W x 2.5m H) maximum measurments £1,500.00 to £2,000

Please Note: The prices quoted here for a small polytunnel are achieved by assuming that footings will NOT be required beyond some postcrete around the bases of the upright scaffold bars - which are sunk about 0.5 meter into the earth. However, Medium size and Larger size polytunnels will require more sturdy footings in order to be capable of withstanding high winds and ensure that the structure will remain stable when the ground is water logged. This is especially necessary when the polytunnel is going to be sited in an exposed position, where there is little or no shelter from the elements. The cost for a contract and the time taken to complete a project will therefore be governed to some degree by the scale of the footings. Any requirement for extra time and materials will affect the overall price of the polytunnel.

Please Note Also: The prices quoted here are for a "basic structure" which has a single hinged door on one end and a ventilation window in the other end. It is possible to have double doors instead of a single door. It is also possible to have doors fitted at both ends. We can lay a floor or walkway, constructed from concrete, gravel, wood chippings, or a material of your choice. We can construct solid wood work benches, or erect dexion type metal shelves to suit your personal requirements. These are additional features and are NOT included in the polytunnel prices displayed above. Please also be aware that locations for siting a polytunnel can and do vary enormously, the costs of construction may be effected and the price Invoiced may differ substantially from a price which is Estimated either before, at the start of, or during a project. Special doors, the construction of floors and other furnishings are therefore priced separately being treated as additions to the basic price. Please ask for an Estimate.

To purchase a ploytunnel please use this link to eMail us

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