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We are selling these works of art and music CD's on behalf of the artists and musicians who are making a donation from the sale to SOMA Housing Co-Operative Ltd, to help them develop an Intended Community.

Music CD's

Please click on the Music CD's button to hear an ever expanding collection of the beautiful and the strange in music. These CDs have been independently produced for the artists, recorded by a bespoke (none big industry) sound engineer. The audio content has been honed by hand and crafted by ear to be top quality so that the discs and downloadable files are manufactured to the highest standard.

Dan Nasirpour

Dan has been producing wonderful abstract drawings and paintings since leaving school. Some of Dan's works are completed in chalk, others in water colours. These are all original works and some of which are available as prints. All works are framed. Please read the individual specification for each piece.

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