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Ethical Products

What are "ethical" products ?

I suppose that depends upon what is meant when using the word ethical. Same as "Green" and "sustainable" these days. It largely depends upon who's using these words and to what end. These days many corporate bodies have adopted these terms in their advertising and promotional material. So much so, that the words green, ethical and sustainable, have become sullied and in response the phrase "Green Wash" has been coined. Perhaps in order to differentiate between these organisations with implied but otherwise bogus credentials making their last desperate attempts to convince us of their validity in the New Age and real grass roots, no spin outfits, like, well us PC Solutions.

We consider our products to be ethical for several reasons and we hope that you will agree with our interpretation of "ethical" and that you will find something to buy from us.

Our wooden products use in the main, wood reclaimed from waste building materials. Otherwise it is from FSC accredited suppliers. These products are built by people who want to work, but are disadvantaged when finding work. This is because they have a disability which determines the hours that they can work and also governs what sort of work they are able to do. Most employers cannot be so accomodating, they rely on their employees being there when they need them. It's difficult to be as flexible with time keeping that this type of employee requires, so generally, they don't get the job.

Materials, like polythene, are chosen for their environmental characteristics. This implies long life in use but biodegrades well after use. We have spent many hours searching for the best suppliers, not the cheapest. The prices you see are designed to be competetive because we believe these products are the best.

Our after sales warranty is genuine, covering defective parts and labour.

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