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Repairs and Support

OPCS conduct hardware repairs and can provide support for many aspects of desktop computers and their uses.


Advice is always available. This can be especially useful if you are thinking about buying a new PC or considering buying a new software package to run on your existing equipment. For support enquiries please telephone either 01258 818039 or 07833 144296.

System Maintenance

OPCS carry out system inspections, general cleaning tasks and upgrades to hardware. We also install small networks, provide security software and implement the procedures required to harden your system against hackers, virus infections and other malicious pests. We also carry out virus and malware removal.

System Recovery

You may feel that your system is "slow" and is not responding as it should, or it may have died completely; either way it may be possible to restore your working environment without too much hassle. Sometimes however, the problem is more deeply rooted and recovery could require everything to be reinstalled. In which case, the hard drive will need to be formatted and consequently any data on it will be completely destroyed.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery can sometimes be achieved using software. Sometimes, it may not be possible to do this without specialist equipment. In such cases, assistance can be arranged, but recovery will be very expensive. You may feel that recovering your data is not worth the cost...
Consequently, we advise you to back up your files to a external device as often as you can.

For Domestic Support gives us a call on 01258 818039, alternatively 07833 144296, if you require this service, or use this link to: send an eMail.


This page presents our scale of charges for Domestic IT services.

For Business Services please use this page.

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