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Compost Bays

We construct compost bays from reclaimed wooden pallets and waste building materials. The structures are delivered and erected on site. Compost bays come as a simple structure which sits on the earth. Alternatively, we can build the compost bays on a concrete base or on recycled paving slabs. One standard bay is about one metre square in plan. This holds enough compost for about 6 months garden and house hold waste combined.

Normal practice is to have two compost bays, side by side for convenience. Whilst one bay is being filled with compostable waste on a daily basis, the other sits there composting slowly. After 3 to 6 months, the compost in this bay should have decomposed enough so that it can be added straight onto the garden.

Larger sized compost bays can be constructed if required but the wooden pallets normally used for construction will be supplemented with other recycled wood.


Standard size (1m x 1m x 1m) £50.00 each

To purchase compost bays please use this link to send us an eMail
If that doesn't work for you then just send an eMail addressed to david@oxfordpcsolutions.co.uk

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