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SOMA Housing Co-Op


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Community Housing

What is community housing ? Well, there are many interpretations and there are consequently, many different models, each one reflecting upon the local interpretation of the term community. There are for example, "Intended Communities", as distinct from communities of people who live on a housing estate. Intended Communitites are either made up of privately owned dwellings and apartments, or of "social housing", or can be a mixture of the two. Broadly speaking, the Social housing sort of communities tend to be large projects developed on tighter budgets. This means they often have only basic services and fail to provide any sustainable facilites. The intended community however, often wishes to deal themselves with these sort of service provision. Which comes nicely to the next topic, sustainability.


Sustainability eventually became one of the buzz words of the naughties. Now purloined and sullied by profit mongers through a cynical association with the word "growth". It is meanwhile, understood by the rest of us to mean, "an energy-efficient, low-carbon economy".

"Big Brother" might be having difficulty with this greening of industry, but in reality "it is not only easy to attain but can provide a better quality of life." Quote reproduced from CAT marketing material. That's why we at OPCS are developing a sustainable community, which is going to be our contribution to a low carbon life style. Oxford PC's sustainable solutions include, composting, recycling and waste water management, production of our own electricity, working from home and growing our own. Our requirements dictate that this would be achieved best in a rural setting, which would allow us to further develop our portfolio of products, like "kiln dried wood" and to instigate new services, like woodland management.

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