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Bespoke Training

Whether you want to know about using the Internet and eMail, or you wish to keep in touch with distant friends via Internet Telephony, or you want to design a "user friendly" web site. What ever your reasons, I offer first class, bespoke training in many of the popular computer applications, like Multimedia and Web Programming to name but two of many.

Microsoft Office

I have a BSc in Information Systems and also hold an "ECDL" (European Computer Driving Licence) as well as a couple of City & Guilds certificates in the use of Microsoft Office. I feel confident that I can meet your specific needs in Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Desktop Publishing, Presentations and Communications.

OPCS are experts in helping those who are new to computers. If this applies to you, never fear, I can help you overcome the obstacles you face. Gain the experience in your own home, learn exactly what you need to know to become familiar with the tools that are there to accomplish your needs.

Open Source Software

We recommend using the Open Office suite to those people who do not have Microsoft Office on their PC. It is free to use and the latest version can be downloaded from http://www.openoffice.org/

For people on a tight budget there are many freebies available that are every bit as good as the expensive options. There are several Linux Operating Systems which can be readily downloaded with no charge and in most cases, it is easy to install on standard PC hardware. In appearance and performance there is not a lot of difference between these and Microsoft or Apple Operating Systems, except you never have to pay to upgrade to the next version when it is released. Some times the free Open Source applications can be even better than their expensive counterparts. The GIMP image manipulation package can replace the need to buy Photoshop, for example. Open Office has already been mentioned and there are thousands more available, free to use and stable to use in a professional business environment.

We can show you how to use these free software applications made by the Open Source community. You will be pleased to know that some of these are available which work on Microsoft and MAC equipment.

Learn How To

Network PCs, Design Web Pages, make Computer Art, including Animation, Use a Digital Camera, Edit Digital Photos, Scan Images, Shoot and Edit Video, Record and Edit Audio. Plus many other popular software packages designed for use on Microsoft Windows platforms, or one of the Linux distributions, or the Apple MAC.

Training in Computer Security

We are able to provide specially tailored training in Computer Security and the applications which bring automation to computer administration tasks. Just a couple of hours spent learning exactly what you need to know can save you much anxiety and worry. A little preparation will relieve much of the strain of managing a small business information system. Sorting it out now leads to greater productivity through less time spent undoing a problem after the event. If you'd like to know more about this service, please give us a call on 01865 452987, or 17833 144296, alternatively use this link to: send an eMail.

Training in Network Security

Often overlooked at home and usually under funded by big companies, it's one of the reasons why confidential information gets divulged to unauthorised visitors.

We take Network Security very seriously and advise you to adopt a proactive approach. Firstly by instigating a Networking Policy and recording this in a Networking Policy Document. This can be used for staff training purposes and along with regular network monitoring, can go a long way to mitigating the vulnerabilities created when you network computer devices, desktop machines or mobile devices like Smart Phones and Tablets. We are able to provide specialised training in network security. We use various products including those produced by Sophos, to illustrate how to govern your own domain with confidence.

Give us a call on 01258 818039, alternatively 07833 144296, if you require this service, or use this link to: send an eMail.


This page presents a table of charges for Domestic IT services.

For Business Services please use this page.

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